Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What to do with leftover turkey (Part 2)?

Turn your leftover turkey and ham into gourmet sandwiches!  Have it as breakfast, packed lunch or even picnic in the park.  It is healthy, delicious and easy to prepare.  Here's a simple recipe:

Turkey, ham & avocado sandwiches

These are all leftovers from my Christmas Party - turkey breast meat, sliced ham, avocado (bought 4 in a pack, but only used 2 for making guacamole dip) and a small chunk of Japanese cucumber.  This recipe can also be served as a salad (make coarser fillings and add some salad greens) or as toppings for baked potato.

Ingredients for sandwich fillings
1 cup of chopped turkey meat & ham
1 hard-boiled egg (roughly mashed with fork)
1 thumb-sized piece of Japanese cucumber (de-seed and cut into small cubes)
1/2 tbsp chopped spring onion
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbsp plain yogurt
1/2 tsp mustard
1/2 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp lemon juice

1) Mix all ingredients together and chill in fridge.
2) Slice the tomato and avocado (squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the sliced avocado to prevent it from turning brown).
3) Toast the bread, add sliced tomato, fillings and topped with sliced avocado.

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