Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three Colour Carrot Soup (三色萝卜汤)

Radish or carrot?  The green and white carrots, are usually known as green radish and white radish (or daikon).  The Chinese word for them is simply "萝卜" (luo bo), whether it is orange, green or white.  I love their colour combination and like to cook them in soup.  If you are cooking this soup for the first time, you may be put off by a "gas smell" released from the radish (in the first half an hour of cooking).  But the smell will go away after a while and you will not taste it in the soup.  
Three Colour Carrot Soup (三色萝卜汤)
Green and white radish (cut into chunks)
Carrot (cut into chunks)
3 pieces pork muscles - see tips below (or pork ribs) - wash and blanch in hot water
3 pieces dried scallop (瑶柱)
2 slices ginger

1) Boil 1.5 litre water and add all the ingredients.
2) Simmer for 1.5 hours over low heat.

Cooking tips:
1) I like to use pork muscles in soup, as the meat is very tender and flavourful after cooking.  Plus, it has lesser fats than pork ribs and gives clearer soup.  

2) You can make use of the pork muscles in the soup for another dish.  After simmering for an hour in the soup, remove one or two pieces of pork muscle and shred it.  Add 1 tsp each of soya sauce, sesame oil, mirin, water and dash of pepper to marinate it.  You can add the marinated pork to a stir-fry vegetable, with steamed tofu or steamed eggs.  Or simply store it in the freezer for future use [add in porridge (century egg porridge), instant noodles etc].

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