Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prawn with Water Bamboo

This is the first time that I cook this vegetable.  I have never seen this in our local market (or perhaps never noticed it)  though I have heard of this vegetable over a Taiwan cooking programme.  So when I saw this in our local supermarket, I was quite eager to try it out.

Water Bamboo (筊白笋)

I believe this is a variation of bamboo shoots, though it does not have a strong smell like the bamboo shoot (竹笋) and does not need long cooking time. It is a very tender vegetable and best to served as a cold salad (after quick blanch in hot water) or a quick stir-fry to retain the natural sweetness and crunch.  I stir-fried this with prawns (seasoned with a teaspoon of mild hot bean paste + soya sauce).  On another day, I stir-fried with celery, carrot, Chinese mushroom, sliced pork and shredded dried scallop (soaked, shredded and use water as stock).

Prawn with Water Bamboo

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