Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fried Tau Pok with stuffings (炸豆包)

A friend, a native of Fujian China, gave me a box of stuffed tau pok, quite similar to our local stuffed tau kwa, except that she used tau pok as the wrap and the fillings are Chinese seaweed, grated carrot and chopped garlic chives.  I dipped them in a thin batter and deep-fried till golden brown.

Fried Stuffed Tau Pok
The coat is very crispy, but I find the fillings a little chewy, due to the texture of seaweed.  If I replace seaweed with sotong & fish paste, I wondered how will it taste?  Alternatively, I could also use the smaller bean curd puffs, turn them inside out and stuffed them with sotong paste + a little minced pork/grated carrot/chives fillings.  The size will be just right as finger food for parties!  

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