Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chinese Steamboat

I know it's too early now to think of Chinese Reunion Dinner, where we think of steamboat or Chinese Hotpot.  But hey, you can still enjoy steamboat at other times of the year cos it is so easy to prepare, healthy and delicious.  Just step into a supermarket, buy some seafood, meat, vegetables, tofu and prepare a stock (or buy ready-made stock) and there you have it!  

Steamboat Dinner

It can be a simple fare of tofu, sliced meat, fishballs, vegetables to a lavish meal consisting crabs, sea prawns, pomfret, scallops, kurobuta (black pig), marbled beef etc.  And you can choose the soup base for your hotpot from hot & spicy pot, herbal chicken pot, ginseng chicken pot to Japanese-style kombo stock.  Of course, what's a steamboat dinner without those yummy sauces - sesame sauce, garlic chilli sauce, ginger & vinegar, soya sauce.  Let's get ready for some shabu-shabu acts!

I like to help myself to a nice bowl of soup at the end of the steamboat dinner.  So satisfying!  Can't survive without carbo in your meal?  You can add some noodles or even a bowl of cooked rice into your hotpot and you have a nice bowl of porridge!  

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