Friday, November 26, 2010

ABC Soup

Since childhood, this has been one of my favourite soups.  Not sure why this soup is called the "ABC Soup", probably it is chicken soup with lots of vegetables, so packed with all the vitamins and goodness.  My mum  did not call it "ABC Soup", but “薯仔红萝卜番茄煲鸡汤”, which is the ingredients she used for this soup: potato+carrot+tomato+onion and chicken (add a few pieces of dried scallop for that extra rich flavour).  I prefer this version too, though I will make changes, depending on what I have in the fridge.

ABC Soup

Ingredients: Corn, tomato, carrot,onion, chicken 

1) Cut vegetables.

2) Blanch chicken in hot water and set aside.

3) Boil 1.5 litre water, add all ingredients except tomato and simmer for 1 hour and 30 mins.

4) Add tomato and simmer for further 30 mins.  Alternatively, you can add together in step 3.

5) Season with salt (I added a small piece of 大头菜 at the beginning, so no need to add salt)


  1. Hi Wai Fong, I always like to see your fb and blog, all the info and photos are really helpful :D
    And seems like this soup is quite easy to cook, I will try to cook it for sure hehee,,,
    May I know what is 大头菜?

  2. Hi Evelyn, 大头菜 is a kind of preserved vegetable, i think made from mustard (芥菜). On its own, it's very salty, but it adds flavour to carrot soup or winter-melon soup. You can buy it from our local Chinese dried food stalls in the wet market. Each time, just need a small piece, so I buy about 50 cents and is enough for a few times.


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