Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vegetable stew in fermented red bean curd sauce (南乳焖斋)

Here are the ingredients that I used to cook this dish:


1) Heat wok at medium-high heat.  Add oil and blanch the pea lightly for half a minute (过油).  Remove and set aside.
2) Add ginger slices, mushrooms and stir fry for a while to release aroma.
3) Add Chinese cabbage, carrot, baby corn and stir fry lightly.  Cover for about 2 minutes.
4) Push the vegetables to the side and add 3 pieces of mashed fermented red bean curds into wok and mix well with vegetables.
5) Add bean curd puffs, cloud ears, layered bean curd sheets, braised gluten (plus liquid in can) and stir well.
6) Add water (slightly below the mixed vegetables) to wok.  Cover wok and simmer for 20 minutes over medium-low heat.
7) Add enoki mushrooms and sweet bean curd sticks (soak & trim into 4 pieces each).  Cover and cook for another 5 minutes (note: If not enough gravy, add a little more water).
8) Add glass noodles, cover and cook till glass noodles soften and absorb the gravy.
9) Turn off heat, add oil-blanched pea and mix well.
10) Let the mixed vegetables sit for an hour for the flavour to be fully absorbed before serving.

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